Cornrow Express Straight Back

Cornrow Express Straight Back

BASE-CORNROW-S: Straight Back Cap by Vivica Fox Collection

• The Straight Back Cap is primarily for Bangs Styles

• Offered in Two Sizes : Small, Medium & Large

Cap Size :   


  small medium large

Ear to Ear

13.25"  14" 15"
Front to Back


14" 15"
Circumference   20.5"




We recommend when purchasing the silicon based cap, you buy it one size smaller than your actual size. This will help ensure a secure and natural looking fit.

Great For : 

• Cancer Patients

• Glue-in cap weaves, sew-ins, crochet & interlocking

• Molds  to your head with no sliding

• Airy & Breathable

• Secures wig fit

• Protects your natural hair


• Versatility in Styles


Cap Types :


• Intended use is for parted hairstyles


• Best with middle and side parts


Cap Construction :


Regular Cap


• Removable and reusable cap for weaves.


•  Best results with middle to long hair.


Silicon Based for Hairless Users


• Used with only the silicon base for everyday use


• Double-sided tape can be applied to the cilicon base to unsure a secure fit.


Cap with Front & Back Combs


• The comb can help prevent the cap from moving or sliding off your head.


• It can be used in other areas for a secure fit


Cap with Lace Part


• Can create various natural styles and have a choice in the part location. (No closure is needed for this cap)


Fitting :


• Long Hair-For the best fit, we recommend that you plait your hair into a circle. This will create a flatter and more natural-looking fit.


• Short Hair or Sensitive Scalp-If you have short hair or a sensitive scalp, it is best to make a couple of braids with your own hair. This will create a secure fit and will serve as the foundation when sewing the cap to your hair. When your hair grows you can simply cut the threading off the Cornrow Express cap and re-braid your hair.


• Closure-You can either apply a center or part closure for the finished style. The Cornrow Express cap has the option to complete your style without a closure. Simply cut a small area of the cap and pull your hair through the cap, this will create a nautral look.


• For Partial Usage-If you do not want to use the whole cap you have the choice to use only a portion. Measure the cara that is missing hair and cut the cornrow cap to match the size of the area. Now sew-in the cap to your existing cornrows and either sew-in or glue-in your style to the cap.


• The Cornrow Cap is form fitting so it molds to your head to make your style look as natural as possible. This cap also keeps wigs stable to provide you with a secure fit. It will help retain moisture and essential oil in your hair. Just place it on your head and style hair as desired.


Cornrow Express Straight Back

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