French Refined

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Part-Mesh(Large Base) - French Refined

(PART-M-FR-L-HM) Natural Part-Mesh(Largel Base) double knotted with special coating in French Refined texture


Part-Mesh (Small Base) - French Refined

(PART-M-FR-S-HM) Natural Part-Mesh(Small Base) Double Knotted with special coating in French Refined texture


Part-Mesh(Large Base) French Refined(Single Knot) - SALE

[PART-M-FR-L](Online orders only)Natural Part Mesh Closure large base in French Refine texture SALE


Part-Skin French Refined(Small Base)

(PART-SKIN-FR) Natural Part Skin Base -French Refined


Part-Mesh (Large Base) - French Refined After Wash(Double Kn...

(PART-M-FR-L-SALE**)Part Mesh Large Base - French Refined (After wash texture) SALE


Part-Mesh(Large Base) French Refined - Sale

 Natural Part Mesh Closure Large base in French Refined - Final Sale (Reduced price due to quality that did not meet to our standard / old stocks.)  


Part-Mesh (Small Base) - French Refined(Double Knot) - SALE

(Online orders only)(PART-M-FR-S-SALE)Part-Mesh (Small Base)- NEW in French Regined double knotted without special coating SALE