I-TIP-SS-HM-22 - Silky Straight

I-TIP-SS-HM-22 - Silky Straight

Pre-Glued Hair Extensions (I-TIP-SS-HM-22)
I-Tip Extensions are best to use as the ring extensions.

It can be easily applied using His and Her Ring-Xer.

Available in Silky Straight and length is available in 22".
(It is recommended to use oil-free shampoo and conditioner.)

I-TIP-SS-HM-22 (Silky Straight)

Prices are based on 1 order (150 pcs.)

It's made with His & Her Italian Mink®.



I-TIP-SS-HM-22 - Silky Straight

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(I-TIP-SS-HM-22) I-Tip Silky Straight in 100% human hair
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