Part-Mesh (Large Base) - Natural Perm Straight

Part-Mesh (Large Base) - Natural Perm Straight

**Double knotted**with special coated base


Hair has been double knotted to the base which allows the hair to stay on better. Also a special coating has been added to the base which further minimizes shedding.
**Add this piece on the top of your head to create a natural scalp.
You can curl and blend in with your own hair.

50% Italian Mink®

Base Size: (4 1/2" x 5")
Base Type: Silk Mesh Base
Hair Length: 12" Long
Density: Medium
Weight: 1.7-1.8 oz.
Texture: Natural Perm Straight
**Synthetic/Yaki are used for mixed gray colors**


Part-Mesh (Large Base) - Natural Perm Straight

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(PART-M-NP-L-HM) Natural Part-Mesh (Large Base) double knotted with special coating in Natural Perm Straight texture
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