Ring-X Extension Bodywave

Ring-X Extension Bodywave

RING-X-BW (Bodywave) - 100% Human Hair

 sold by sheet (10 pieces per 1 sheet). 

Ring-X hair can be used for.... 

1) Ring-X Hair Extensions

2) Can be easily made to use it as I-Tip / U-Tip Extensions 

3) Simply cut it off to use it as fusion Extensions

It's Simple, Fast, and Gorgeous. Add hair extensions by pieces in seconds! We have many colors to choose from. The lengths are 16-18 inches and the textures are,

**Use RING-XER to apply/remove RING-X hair extensions.
***For temporary extensions and for fashionable highlights for your hair. May experience the extensions to slip out after several washes. But it can be re-installed***
Instructional DVD for $19.95

Ring-X Extension Bodywave

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(RING-X-BW) Ring-X Extension Bodywave in 100% human hair
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