50% Italian MInk® - Handtied Weft European Wave - SALE

50% Italian MInk® - Handtied Weft European Wave - SALE

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100% Human Hair - Final Sale

(Reduced price due to quality that did not meet to our standard, old stocks.** NO RETURN!)

Ideal Texture for African American.
Comes bushy straight, kinky super wave when wet.
Wet this hair and you will have a deep wave pattern with the bushy texture.
This is a versatile texture for African-Americans who seek to have coarseness and able to wear it kinky straight or super wavy.

Please do not cut the weft on these or they will start to unravel.
If the wefts are too wide, we recommend to fold over the weft instead of cutting it.
Even if the wefts are folded over, it will not make it bulky.

Prices are based on 1/4 lb. (4 oz)

* Colors, textures & curl patterns may vary on shipments.
Depending on the shipment, there will be some variation in coarseness, wave patterns & colors. Especially for light/blonde colors, wave pattern will be very loose.

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