Cuticle® Skin Extensions - Silky Straight



  1. Open up the Skin Extension Cuticle® and custom cut to desired width. Cut two pieces of the same width, since you will be installing them in pairs.
  2. Part your hair horizontally; select a section of your hair the same width as the skin extension.
  3. Take a strip of the pre-cut Skin Extension Cuticle® and peel the backing off. Press the Skin Extension Cuticle® on to the hair.
  4. Lift the section up (the amount of your hair should not excide the amount on the Skin Extension Cuticle® apply the second pre-cut Skin Extension Cuticle® directly on top of the first one. Sandwich your hair between the first and second Skin Extension Cuticle®.
  5. Seal it with a low heat iron (this will allow you a longer wear).
  6. Continue the above steps, until desired volume is accomplished.



  1. Start from the lowest point and section the area.
  2. Re-heat the Skin Extension Cuticle® is advised for a faster and easier removal. Spray the section with our Solvent C-22 and about 30-60 seconds.
  3. Carefully each Skin Extension Cuticle® piece apart and slide out of the hair.
  4. Use a fine comb to remove any residues left on the hair (you may apply additional remover if need it).
  5. Repeat above steps, until all the Skin Extension Cuticle® are removed.


Cuticle® Skin Extensions - Silky Straight

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Polyurethane weft: Skin like, see through hand made weft with adhesive. Hair extensions made simple with our new Skin Extensions. Cuticle® skin extensions® is made from the best quality (healthiest) raw material. It is  specially processed by our highest skilled technicians to give extra body and  vitality to allow our customers to wear the Cuticle® for a longer period of time without the problems of tangling and matting. Our skin extensions come with a strong adhesive glue already applied. For added security or to re-apply, you can use Liquid Gold bonding glue. 

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