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His & Her Fusion Kit - 1

(HH-KIT-1) His & Her Fusion Kit - 1 with heating iron


His & Her Fusion Kit - 2

(HH-KIT-2) His & Her Fusion Kit - 2 (NO HH-IRON)


Keratin Tip - 10 pcs.

His & Her Keratin Glue Tip -  10pcs Available in Black, Brown and Blonde


His & Her Glue Sticks

His & Her Glue Stick per each piece. (keratin based) HH-Glue Sticks for fusion extension (available in , Brown and Blonde) Prices are based on 1 piece.


His & Her Heating Extension Iron

His & Her Extension Iron Pre-Tip Hair Extension Iron Heating iron and purging tool for U-Tip. Power: 110V.  - Can be used as a flat iron.


His & Her Protective Shield

(SHIELD)His & Her protective shield His & Her protective shield - protecting scalp from burning by hot glue


His & Her Instructional DVD

(HH-DVD)Instructional DVD on how to do Fusion, Ring-X, U-Tip, I-Tip & Clip Ons. His & Her Instructional DVD  (HH-DVD) Contains Instructions for the following methods 1) Hair Fusion 2) Ring-X Hair 3) U-Tip Hair 4) I-Tip Hair 5) Clip On Hair (**DVD only) ***This DVD is viewable on a US code zone DVD player, for all non-US, a universal DVD player is required*** Time length: Appx. 36 min.


His & Her Glue Gun

(HH-GUN)His & Her Glue Gun Hot glue gun for fusion extensions. Power: AC110, 240V, 20W For the best result, it is recommended to use same brand gun and glue together.