Personal Protective Equipments

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Plastic Case for The Mask

Plastic Case for The Mask Convenient storage case for masks. Store up to 5 medical masks and carry it in your purse or in your car safely.


3D Bracket for Face Masks
( 5 Pcs. )

Inner Support Frame for Face Masks - 5 pcs. More Space for Breathing - It holds up the mask around the mouth to create more breathing space. Safe, Washable & Reusable


PP Equipment Set

1 pc Face Shield + 1pc Black Cloth Mask + 1 pair Medium Size Glove + 1 pc Bracket - Different size of gloves are available (S, M, L) - Different colors of masks are available - You may order these separately, please call for assistance.



NOVA 200 COPPER INFUSED GLOVE • Antibacterial, Antiviral, Antimicrobial • Use the properties of copper to kill virus from saliva immediately • Excellent ventilation / Excellent wear for all activity • Smartphone touch capability / Electromagnetic blocking • Washable and reusable / Excellent anti-odor