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M-CLIP Bodywave 2"x6"


M-CLIP BODYWAVE 2"x6" SALE 100% HUMAN HAIR Reduced price due to QUALITY that did not meet to our standard, old stocks. Colors, textures & curl patterns may vary on shipments. There will be NO Changes once the order is placed and NO Returns and Exchanges due to COVID-19.  

$21.00   NOW $6.00

Clip Set Silky Straight 5 pcs.

Silky Straight 5 Piece Clip Set 18" in 100% human hair • Texture: Italian Mink® - Silky Straight. • Hair Length: 16-18", 20-22" available. • Track Width: 9.5" - 2 Layered (1pc), 8" (1pc), 6" (1pc), 3" (2pc) Ideal for those wanting to have instant thickness or longer hair extension without the high cost of professionals. You can apply it at home or anywhere.

$149.00   NOW $99.00

Clip Set Bodywave 5 pcs.

Magic Clip Set - Bodywave, 100% Human Hair (M-CLIP-SET-BW) Texture: Bodywave Width: Approx. 2" wide An instant hair attachment! You can use this piece on a thin area for fuller look, lengthen the hair and/or use it to create highlights. Set include: 1 of 2"x 6",  2 of 2"x 8" , 2 of 2"x 12"

$69.00   NOW $9.95

LIQUIDATION SALE -Magic Clip Weave - Silky Straight - 2" wid...

Magic Clip Weave - Silky Straight 2" width in 100% human hair (Reduced price due to quality that did not meet to our standard / old stocks.)

$25.00   NOW $3.00