I-Tip Extension - Body Wave

I-Tip Extension - Body Wave

I-TIP (Pre-Glued Hair Extensions)

100% Human Hair

Easy application with Ring & Ring-Xer without using any heat method.

The lengths are 16-18 inches and the textures are;
I-TIP-BW (Body Wave) - Body wave texture becomes looser to straight after wash.

We do NOT recommend to use I-TIP hair extension as a glue-on method. Strongly recommend using it with the Ring.                                                    RING-XER will be needed to remove the Ring-X hair extensions.

*We recommend to use Ring-300-L (large) with our I-tip hair
try our new Ring-300-I-L or Ring-300-T-L.
*If you are interested in using the heat method, try using our U-Tip Hair.

Prices are based on 1
sheet (10 pieces)

I-Tip Extension - Body Wave

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I-Tip Extension - Body Wave (18") 100% Human Hair

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