I-Tip - Cuticle® - Silky Straight (100 PCS.)

I-Tip - Cuticle® - Silky Straight (100 PCS.)

Pre-Glued Cuticle® Hair Extensions (IC-TIP)
I-Tip Extensions are best to use as the ring extensions.

It can be easily applied using His and Her Ring-Xer.

Available in Silky Straight and lengths are available in 14"~26".
(It is recommended to use oil-free shampoo and conditioner.)

IC-TIP-SS (Silky Straight)

Prices are based on 1 order (10 pieces up to 26")

It's made with His & Her BEST brand, Cuticle®.

Cuticle® is made from the best quality (healthiest) raw material. It is specially processed by our highest skilled technicians
to give extra body and vitality to allow our customers to wear the Cuticle® for a longer period of time without the problems of tangling and matting.



I-Tip - Cuticle® - Silky Straight (100 PCS.)

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100 PCS. I-Tip Cuticle® Silky Straight in 100% human hair

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