Clip Set 4C Clique - 9 Pcs.

Clip Set 4C Clique - 9 Pcs.

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Clip Set 4C 9 Pieces in 100% human hair

The Curls Kinks & Co. collection celebrates the versatility and styles that make natural hair so unique. These 100% human hair Clip-Ins from CKCo are created with you in mind.
Designed to mimic 4C, 3C, and blown-out natural hair; they are full bodied, lightweight, and easy to blend. For naturals who want to add volume or length, CKCo Clip-ins provides instant gratification with every "click". Whether you're type 3 or type 4, this is an invitation to Affirm Your Personality, Embrace Your Style, And Enjoy The Journey.

• Hair Length: 12"-14", 16"-18" available
• Textured Clip Ins

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