European Wave

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50% Italian Mink® European Wave for Braiding

50% Italian Mink® European Wave for braiding in 100% Human Hair Versatile Texture! Ideal Texture for African American. The soft and fine hair for wet & wave. Wet this hair for that super wave with the bushy and natural look for African-Americans. 50% Italian Mink® is the better quality. Due to the softness, the wave is more manageable and adds more body than the regular quality hair. Prices are based on 1/4 lb. (4 oz).


Regular - European Wave for Braiding

100% Human Hair Regular European Wave for Braiding Regular coarse wet & wave for braiding.Ideal Texture for African American. This hair is for those looking to have a coarse, bushy and wavy look. The coarseness of this quality will not create a wave pattern as deep as the Italian Mink or the Cuticle European Wave. Depending on the shipment, there will be some variation in coarseness, wave patterns & colors. Recommended for African-Americans looking for natural bushy look.