European Wave

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50% Italian Mink® European Wave for Braiding

50% Italian Mink® European Wave for braiding in 100% Human Hair Versatile Texture! Ideal Texture for African American. The soft and fine hair for wet & wave. Wet this hair for that super wave with the bushy and natural look for African-Americans. 50% Italian Mink® is the better quality. Due to the softness, the wave is more manageable and adds more body than the regular quality hair. Prices are based on 1/4 lb. (4 oz).


Regular - European Wave for Braiding

100% Human Hair Regular European Wave for Braiding Regular coarse wet & wave for braiding.Ideal Texture for African American. This hair is for those looking to have a coarse, bushy and wavy look. The coarseness of this quality will not create a wave pattern as deep as the Italian Mink European Wave. Depending on the shipment, there will be some variation in coarseness, wave patterns & colors. Some colors may bleed especially darker colors such as Jet Black and Reds. Bleeding will stop after few washes. (It is recommended to wash the hair prior to wearing in cases like this.) Recommended for African-Americans looking for natural bushy look.