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(COVER GRAY) Cover Your Gray - Color Stick

$4.95   NOW $1.00

Mega Glue Stick Blonde

Mega Hi-Tech Blonde Glue Sticks (10 pcs/pkg) - Sale *Mega-HI-T-G-B: Mega Adhesive Sticks(Blonde only), (10sticks in pkg.)

$27.00   NOW $2.99

Roll Tape

Synthetic Roll Tape Use these Roll Tape to create up-do's and/or accent on your hair.

$2.50   NOW $1.00

Super Million Hair - Small (SALE)

Super Million Hair SMALL(15gm) -  Add volume to your thin hair   

$40.00   NOW $20.00

Oran Glue Remover

(ORAN-R-F) For French Fusion Glue Sticks & Art Nouveau Bonding Glue. Oran-R-F(Remover for both Art-Nouveau bonding glue & Oran French Fusion Glue Sticks / Chips.) **UPS-Ground shipping ONLY - No Air shipping**

$5.00   NOW $0.99

Mega Remover

Mega Glue Remover (Remover-Quick Off) Quick-Off has been designed for the special purpose of removing Hi-Tech adhesive. It is used to remove extensions during the maintenance and removal procedures. It is recommended that the Pre and Post product is used when a full removal and new application is done. Large: 8oz Small: 4oz **UPS-Ground shipping ONLY - NO AIR shipping **  

$5.95   NOW $2.95

Ventilation Hair - Synthetic Bodywave 8" - 10" - SALE

Ventilation Hair Synthetic Bodywave - Final Sale (Reduced price due to quality that did not meet to our standard / old stocks.)

$15.00   NOW $4.95



Curved Needle 3Pcs. for Weaving - Sale




Weaving Thread-XS (60 yds. Polyester) 4 Pcs.  - Sale


Super Million Hair - Large (SALE)

Super Million Hair LARGE(25gm) - Add volume to your thin hair

$50.00   NOW $25.00

Hot Tools - Ceramic Flat Iron 1"

Hot Tools - Ceramic Flat Iron 1"

$54.95   NOW $39.95

Dreams Can Come True Instructional DVD

[DVD-W] Dreams Can Come True Weaving Instructional DVD

$39.95   NOW $19.95