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Human Hair Loose Afro Kinky in human hair - FINAL SALE Texture: Loose Afro Kinky Size: 7" X 9" Base: Machine Made Base Usage: Weaving, clip **Synthetic/Yaki are used for grays**

$99.00   from $29.00

9800H-L-SALE (7.5" X 10.5")

Fish net base Afro toupee in 100 human hair - Handmade The Most Popular Afro Piece!  Texture: Tight Afro Kinky Base Size: 7.5" X 10.5" Base type: 1/4" fish net, cutaway base Usage: Weaving, fusion, clip **Synthetic/Yaki are used for grays** Reduced price due to old stocks.

$399.00   from $299.00