18" Magic Extensions in European Wave - ITALIAN MINK® 100% Human Hair


Choosing the size is simple. 

1. Decide on the length of hair you want. 

2. Measure your head width with a tape measure.  Normal width is 13" which covers less than a full temple to temple.  You'll want enough width to cover your sides.

3. Decide on how many layers.  Normal amount is 3 layers.

4. Choose your color

Additonal string and rings will be included with your order.

Most orders can be fulfilled the same day, but give us 24 hours at the latest to have it ready (Excluding Saturday and Sunday).  The Magic Extensions are made to order. 



18" Magic Extensions in European Wave - ITALIAN MINK® 100% Human Hair

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Magic Extensions in European Wave IItalian Mink® -18" made to order (Invisible wired hair extensions)

 Kinky wet & wave hair.  Just slide the stretchable wire over the top and pull your hair over the extensions.  It's easy and simple! Magic extensions come in different width, length and layers for your custom order.  You select the length, the width, and the layers . If you want to make sure the color and texture matches your hair, you may purchase the hair first and then receive it for your review.  Then, return it to us to make the Magic Extensions (additional shipping charge may apply).  Any left over hair will be returned along with the new Magic Extensions.

Magic Extensions are made to order, so there's no return. 


Call us to place an order at 800-421-4417.


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