Zig Zag Curl for Weaving

Zig Zag Curl for Weaving

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Zig Zag Curl for Weaving in 100% Human Hair - Loose Curl Pattern

Ideal Texture for African Americans.
***Loose Curl Pattern***

Zig Zag Curl is a very coarse and kinky texture. It is not necessary to wash and condition the hair before putting it on. When ready to wash the hair, just shampoo and condition the hair by squeezing the hair from the top of the weft down. When drying the hair, simply squeeze dry with a towel then let air dry. (Black/Red colors might wash out a little). If you wish to maintain the curl without the hair becoming bushy or afro like, do not brush or finger comb the hair. When the hair starts to tangle, just separate the tangled hair by pulling it apart (Zig Zag Curl can be easily tangled). If you use excessive amount of conditioner, the hair will become too soft and will become easily separated and bushy. Zig Zag Curl is meant to be course not soft.

Loose Curl Pattern

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