Cuticle® - Machine Weft French Refined

For the WET & WAVE hair such as the French Refined, you may test the wave by wetting a small portion away from the rest. Place the hair on a desk, a small portion away from the rest, spray some water(90%) and conditioner(10%), and let it soak for about 15 seconds. Hold the top of the hair while it is on the desk and gently brush the wet portion from the bottom and watch it wave. Towel dry and scrunch it to wave up more. Blondes / lighter / mixed colors go through more excessive processing than darker colors. Therefore, the wave and condition may not be as good.

Cuticle® - Machine Weft French Refined

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Cuticle® - Machine Weft French Refined in 100% human hair

French Refined comes straight and deep bodywave after wash. You can air dry to wear it wavy or blow dry to make it straight. Cuticle® French Refined is the highest level in the French Refined. Cuticle® is made from the best quality (healthiest) raw material. It had been individually hand picked to put the cuticles in the same direction. Prices are based on 1/4 lb. (4 oz.), Texture: Deep Bodywave., Comes straight, deep bodywave when wet.

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