Hot Tools - Ceramic Flat Iron 1"


Titanium-enhanced Ceramic coating! Ceramic’s gentle far-infrared heat protects hair’s luster and moisture.

Fast heat-up. High heats up to 430 degree F., 170 Watts – of power.

Extra hold-Constant high heat means all straightening is performed at the same temperature, providing long-lasting style. Rheostat control with 10 heat settings to find proper heat setting from low to extra hot.

Rounded plates edges to curl ends under or flip them out.

Tips on how to flat iron human hair extension to avoid heat damage
We would like to provide you with some important information regarding the ideal heat
setting for your human hair extensions. If you want to reduce the chance of heat damage,
it is a good idea to begin with the LOWEST HEAT setting on your flat iron. Then you can
adjust it from time to time until you achieve the heat or temperature that's best to
straighten/curl your human hair extensions.
We suggest that a temperature of 200   F to 250   F (LOW HEAT SETTING) when styling extra
soft and fine textures and 300   F to 350   F should be enough to get even the kinkiest of hair
straightened as long as you pass it over the section slowly.   (Note: If the temperature is too
high, it may disintegrate the hair.)
Make sure to use a flat iron on hair that has been shampooed and dried thoroughly. Applying
hot styling tools to damp hair can singe the hair causing breakage and split ends.  It is best
best to air dry or blow dry the hair completely before applying heat to reduce heat damage.
Make sure each section of hair that you are about to flat iron has been combed through
thoroughly.  As you straighten/curl your hair section by section (preferably 2 inch sections),
it would be advisable to go over the portion of your hair slowly just one time.  Repeat these
steps throughout your hair. We recommend for you to always use a heat protecting products
such as Bio Essence serum or spray.
Using less heat on the hair will increase the longevity of your human hair extensions.  By using
minimal heat (low to medium as advised) and by choosing the right flat iron such as ceramic or
tourmaline irons which produces even heat distribution will cause minimal damage to your hair.


Create glossy shine in any type or texture hair.

Hot Tools - Ceramic Flat Iron 1"

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Hot Tools - Ceramic Flat Iron 1"

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